Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Awesome Day

Me and Darcy have had one of the most bosstasticular days in our lives, I have to admit.

It started with a trip to Darcy's house, late yesterday, where we played Skyrim into the late hours of the night and laughed at many a funny brony meme on memebase.

The next morning, we woke up, had a nice cup of tea, and jumped onto our Computers, where we played Minecraft, until around 11am. After this, things took a turn for the AWESOME!!

We jumped on skype at 11, to have an interview with the great and powerful MedicShy. After a few minor recording bugs, we got started, even though in the end, I think we didn't actually get any footage of the conversation.

We chatted on about Newsworthy and what MedicShy wanted to achieve, with a lot of rambling on, which made the whole interview go for around 3 hours, when Medic had to jump on the bus to return home.

We then proceeded to start filming on our English assignment, where we had to make up an advertisement. We continued this until around 3:15pm, at which time we completed our interview, and I think we might have even got in some footage of us actually TALKING with MedicShy, instead of just typing.

After the brief few questions we had to ask left, we decided to jump onto a Minecraft server (obviously based around ponies) and spent a good 2 hours playing Minecraft and having a ball of a time! So I have found a great new Minecraft server and got to spend a day loling around with Darcy and Medic. All I can do is quote some Comic Book Guy and say "DAY WELL SPENT!!"
Here are some of our loling about on the server, which I highly recommend you visit; the I.P is

anyways, have some pictures!!

(I am Zoidberg, Darcy is the guy in the middle, and MedicShy is the guy on the left)


Darcy or I will post the full conversation on Skype on the site shortly, I've gotta admit, MedicShy is one great guy!!

Keep it Twilight Sparklin'

AxeOfChaos Out

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