Monday, December 19, 2011

More designing for me :D

Well, it seems Darcy wants me to start designing an icon for his fan-fic based around FO:E. So, that means I will have to be hard at work, throwing together some simple images on Adobe, to try to come up with something that looks... good.

Maybe I should become a graphics designer when I'm older... I still think I might become an aircraft engineer with the RAAF, but it could be something to fall back on...

Well, this is pretty much me just rambling on about... not much... I don't know, I like having at least 1 post per day... keeps it entertaining for you lot :D

I might just chuck in a random pic, here ya go! Some good ol' Dr Whooves for y'all!!

And christmas is only in 6 days!! I WANT MY NEW COMFY CHAIR NAAAOOOO!! My bed isn't exactly the most comfortable place to sit while typing away...

Keep it Apple Jackin' you bronylicious bunch!

AxeOfChaos Out

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