Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interview Medicshy REPOST

For Some Reason the Interview went to the bottom of the page so i reposted it so its on top.
Well Folks here little over a week ago I sent a simple note to Medicshy about an interview
and a mere hour later while working on the review for Newsworthy  I got a reply saying he would gladly accept my offer.
And a week later after constant emails we finally got this done, a whole Saturday 11am to 7:25pm talking, rambling, screwing about in Minecraft Severs complaining that there were too many huge empty buildings, Eating  Climbing Cake Mountain, and Exclusively attending the yearly Endercon (which was pretty awkward, they all just stood around not making eye contact with one another)
Well Transcript and Minecraft Shenanigans after the break!

I Didn't know what to expect to be honest, Medicshy was pretty anonymous and liked to keep to himself.
But he came right out and answered everything we asked of him.
Playing Minecraft with the guy was hilarious and fun, of course we found mostly terrible servers and the one server we spent all the time on sucked, Huge epic sized bland empty buildings 
and just a lame server over all, but good goddess it was fun, Medicshy destroyed we think the server owners automatic wheat farm, we took it in turns jumping into lava whirlpools, 
buckets "o " fun ensued.
Nicolas is Axe btw

[11:18:17 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Hello
[11:18:56 AM] Medicshy: hello
[11:19:15 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: You ready?
[11:19:31 AM] Medicshy: sure, i suppose. I have no audio, im afraid. too much background noise
[11:20:23 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its fine, we have enough software problems right now as it is
[11:20:35 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Lets just say everything is going wrong at once
[11:20:56 AM] Medicshy: I'm sorry. I wish I could help, but kind of useless on this side of the monitor.
[11:21:22 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its fine thanks for the offer
[11:21:33 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Axe is on the world
[11:21:51 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: whoops
[11:21:51 AM] Medicshy: Alrighty then.
[11:22:16 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I meant Axe is on the way
[11:22:33 AM] Medicshy: that makes a little more sense.
[11:22:37 AM] *** (Nic) DarcySupremest added Nicolas ***
[11:22:48 AM] Nicolas: hello!
[11:23:33 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay lets get this underway then
[11:23:42 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: before something else breaks
[11:23:54 AM] Medicshy: alrighty then!
[11:24:34 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay then, how are you today?
[11:25:03 AM] Medicshy: I am doing okay. Glad the week is ending.
[11:25:08 AM] Medicshy: More time to do what I want.
[11:25:24 AM] Nicolas: lets get the questions underway
[11:25:41 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Who is you favourite pony?
[11:26:32 AM] Medicshy: The favorite pony overall would have to be... DJ P0N-3. I even have a shirt with her on it, and she is pure awesome. But the favorite mane 6 would be Fluttershy without question.
[11:26:43 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Yes!
[11:26:47 AM] Nicolas: I kinda guessed the fluttershy
[11:26:49 AM] Nicolas: :3
[11:26:51 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Suck it Axe
[11:26:55 AM] Medicshy: Well yeah
[11:26:57 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Vinyl Forever
[11:27:13 AM] Nicolas: By my pic, RD ALL THE WAY MAN!
[11:27:16 AM] Medicshy: Though oddly Roseluck is my background right now, but she sort of fits, ya know?
[11:27:36 AM] Medicshy: RD is tied for second with AJ and PP
[11:27:49 AM] Nicolas: /)^3^(\
[11:28:09 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its probably Vinyl than maybe Trixe, then Luna then RD
[11:28:12 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: for me
[11:28:13 AM] Nicolas: MY fav background would have to be... Vinyl, yeah
[11:28:46 AM] Medicshy: Vinyl, Luna, Derpy, Octavia... they all rank really high
[11:29:35 AM] Medicshy: Anyway, I think that might be a topic to insight riot and/or extended sidetracks...
[11:29:57 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: yeah I think so
[11:30:55 AM] Medicshy: My least favorite pony is Twist, just putting that out there
[11:31:10 AM] Nicolas: but how can you hate twist???
[11:31:17 AM] Medicshy: it's the lisp
[11:31:36 AM] Medicshy: my cousin has a lisp and is the most annoying little stuck up girl
[11:31:41 AM] Nicolas: Twist is *so pwethiouth*
[11:31:59 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: We are getting side tracked
[11:32:07 AM] Medicshy: she's adorable, don't get me wrong, they all are, but... yes we are
[11:32:18 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: The Conversion bureau has made you a PONY! What race are you?
[11:32:25 AM] Medicshy: Pegasus.
[11:32:32 AM] Nicolas: of course
[11:32:50 AM] Nicolas: Medic, you first
[11:33:17 AM] Medicshy: No, not important.
[11:33:17 AM] Nicolas: sorry, just watching you two start typing and erasing at the same time...
[11:33:22 AM] Medicshy: lol
[11:33:22 AM] Nicolas: ok, Darcy
[11:33:39 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I would choose unicorn, just because magic is cool
[11:33:55 AM] Medicshy: magic is cool... but flying is amazing.
[11:34:02 AM] Nicolas: And friendship is magic too...
[11:34:19 AM] Medicshy: it is full of radicalness, coolness, and awesomeness
[11:34:31 AM] Nicolas: I see what you did there :3
[11:34:39 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Yeah is no denying it, Its just I asked myself
[11:34:45 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: If I had magic what would I do
[11:34:58 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: And I was like I can do that neat wing thing Twilight does
[11:35:11 AM] Medicshy: If I had magic, the first thing I'd do is give me wings, and then I'd be an alicorn and cheat the system
[11:35:24 AM] Nicolas: 'dem hax
[11:36:18 AM] Medicshy: i honestly don't know why more unicorns don't do that... I guess the spell is super hard? Or their magic is super specialized apart from Twilight's.
[11:36:42 AM] Nicolas: Twilight could only do it on one of them at a time, so I guess that makes sense
[11:37:27 AM] Medicshy: I dunno. I don't like to think about magical limitations... too hard to do.
[11:38:02 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay on to some about Newsworthy, and then we can have some more silly questions
[11:38:13 AM] Medicshy: Okay then, bring 'em on!
[11:38:53 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Was there any particular influence for Newsworthy, such as a book you have read or a movie you have seen?
[11:41:57 AM] Medicshy: Well... I kind or started with the idea of somepony chronicling the tales of the mane 6 and that's how we have the show, so then the main character became a writer, and then I thought about gossip magazines and how they'd have a field day with the Gala episode, so that happened, and then... it just sort of evolved from there. I'd intended a bit of shipping with Fluttershy just because... well, you know, and then I realized that wasn't working and Rose was being so great...
[11:42:27 AM] Medicshy: Rambling... sorry
[11:42:32 AM] Nicolas: nah, it's fine
[11:42:36 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its all good
[11:43:51 AM] Medicshy: No real influence though, just sort of happened. I also had the *spoiler i guess* fight scene planned, and then had to work back into why that would happen, and then i figured he worked for the magazine and went against them, and then stuff went crazy...
[11:44:48 AM] Medicshy: I liked giving the "Fighting an unseen foe" thing a little twist by having the protagonist be the sneaky one and not the one in the open like it normally is, but i dont think anyone noticed.
[11:45:14 AM] Medicshy: WALL OF TEXT! Okay I'm done now...
[11:45:26 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Mine was bigger....
[11:45:31 AM] Nicolas: oh, yeah
[11:45:46 AM] Medicshy: lol
[11:46:21 AM] Medicshy: I think i use too many ellipses...
[11:46:32 AM] Nicolas: you use a few
[11:46:54 AM] Nicolas: But, it fits in with us trying to read this out and such
[11:47:00 AM] Medicshy: It's my signifying that I am thinking and that i'm probably going to topic change. it's a habit.
[11:47:10 AM] Nicolas: Yeah, I use smilies
[11:47:12 AM] Nicolas: :3
[11:47:22 AM] Medicshy: >.<
[11:47:34 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay so Was There any inspiration for Inkwell?
[11:49:05 AM] Medicshy: Ink Well started off as an idealized author self insert, the depression, the trying to make others happy, the writing, and then he kind of exploded from those confines. It started off as a ponysona, but I don't think I could use him any more in all good consciousness.
[11:50:03 AM] Medicshy: I was shameless when I started writing. Shipping me with Fluttershy, inserting me into the mane 6's lives, but that a) wasn't fair to the fanbase and b) wasn't good for the story, so I stopped that.
[11:50:23 AM] Medicshy: I think it went better for it.
[11:51:08 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: To your credit you did have to earn their trust insted of just Bam now their friends
[11:51:24 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Inkwell got a few hits to the body
[11:53:11 AM] Medicshy: Yeah... by the time i actually started writing I realized that I was being selfish, so I took it out on my character. Nopony likes a protagonist who has everything go his way! Then he's invincible! It's better to be too cruel to them then too kind, makes for a better character.
[11:53:33 AM] Medicshy: I can't remember what writer said that, but I live by it.
[11:53:52 AM] Nicolas: I guess that is shown by the actual show
[11:54:05 AM] Medicshy: show?
[11:54:09 AM] Medicshy: ah, yes
[11:54:14 AM] Medicshy: sorry, brain fail, don't mind me
[11:54:16 AM] Nicolas: As gen 1 was terrible, as the mane 6 had no weaknesses
[11:54:54 AM] Medicshy: indeed. and now they have flaws and character past "I am the pinacle of girly girl!"
[11:55:21 AM] Medicshy: pinnacle? I might have spelled that wrong...
[11:55:30 AM] Nicolas: but now each character has strengths and weaknesses, which makes for a better... plot... for lack of a better word
[11:56:11 AM] Medicshy: It's okay. I know what you mean, and i watch it for the plot, not the 'plot'
[11:56:24 AM] Nicolas: :)
[11:56:34 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: So
[11:56:59 AM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: What was your favourite scene from Newsworthy?
[11:57:10 AM] Medicshy: Hmm... That's a hard one.
[11:59:32 AM] Medicshy: I think it's a tie between the flying scene, the fight scene, and the ending. The flying because I did my best describing there, the fight because that's probably my strength as a writer and what I'm best at, and the end because it even made ME "daawwww" as I read it the final time before posting it. Anything with character development is my least favorte though... all of part 4 was just painful.
[12:00:26 PM] Nicolas: I do hate character development, it just gets a bit... stranded out
[12:01:48 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: If it gets in the way of the story, if you can pull it off while writing a scene
[12:02:00 PM] Medicshy: Well, it was important and neccessary, but it isn't exciting, and I get really attached to my characters, so when I was writing Ink Well being depressed I ended up getting myself depressed even in real life... and it took so much work to become anywhere near smooth
[12:02:42 PM] Medicshy: without it the rest of the story wouldn't have worked, but it was gruelling to go through at the time.
[12:03:36 PM] Nicolas: You're right, as Darcy was saying, if I was to write, I would try to keep it in the story, so you kind of learnt about the characters as you go
[12:03:46 PM] Nicolas: learn*
[12:05:12 PM] Medicshy: There's a lot about Ink Well's past that I have planned out and hinted at, but I didn't have a good way to bring it in... It's just not important. I didn't even fully finish how he got his cutie mark when he explained it, just the short version.
[12:05:48 PM] Nicolas: Ok, well why don't we go to the next question
[12:05:58 PM] Medicshy: Sure
[12:06:15 PM] Nicolas: We are ALL rambling at the moment :3
[12:06:23 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Who was the character you liked the most
[12:08:39 PM] Medicshy: In the story? The surprise favorite became Rose, considering I'd planned her initially as a minor background pony... Though I feel I kind of short changed a lot of the Mane 6, particularly Pinkie, but I couldn't figure out a way to give them more. Ink Well actually just became a vehicle for the story for me, like he's a cool character, but it's really about the other ones.
[12:09:29 PM] Nicolas: so, Ink Well was kind of the... Horse... that pushed along the carriage of your story :3
[12:10:40 PM] Medicshy: Indeed, though *semi-spoiler* the next story kind of focuses on him a bit more.
[12:11:18 PM] Medicshy: and the extended meanings behind his cutie mark past the obvious writing implications
[12:11:43 PM] Nicolas: Big words... I hope our viewers are well educated :3
[12:12:09 PM] Medicshy: I'm sorry. I can tone it down if you want.
[12:12:17 PM] Nicolas: Nah, its fine
[12:12:26 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: No its fine they can get dictionaries out
[12:12:39 PM] Medicshy: so i shouldn't use antidisestablishmentarienism in a sentence?
[12:13:19 PM] Nicolas: Nah, that's fine, If you can use it in a sentence, I will be very impressed :D
[12:13:55 PM] Medicshy: hmm... I think that might be too much work right now, and very off topic.
[12:14:05 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Yep
[12:14:12 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: next question
[12:15:16 PM] Medicshy: Question for you two! Muffins or Cupcakes?
[12:15:26 PM] Nicolas: MUFFINS!!
[12:15:28 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Muffins
[12:15:37 PM] Medicshy: indeed, muffins. moving on.
[12:15:39 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: They arn't as sweet
[12:15:42 PM] Nicolas: Muffin Break makes really good muffins
[12:15:47 PM] Nicolas: :3
[12:16:31 PM] Medicshy: I wouldn't know. There isn't one here. Though there is an amazing bakery that makes cupcakes to die for, and I run on sugar and caffeine, so that helps :3
[12:17:02 PM] Nicolas: mwa ha haaaaa the takeover has begun!!
[12:17:18 PM] Medicshy: NO! Bad Medicshy! Get back there and answer their questions and stop derailing them!
[12:17:32 PM] Medicshy: okay, I'm better now, where were we?
[12:18:00 PM] Nicolas: nah, we've been talking for an hour, and we haven't even got half way through our questions :3
[12:18:29 PM] Medicshy: ouch, I'm sorry, I'll stop going into left field for answers then
[12:18:36 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: No its fine
[12:18:38 PM] Medicshy: purely serious time. *serious face*
[12:18:50 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay so Somepony hasn't read Newsworthy, what TV or Game Personality would you use to describe Ink Well?
[12:18:57 PM] Nicolas: That would be me...
[12:19:15 PM] Medicshy: TV or Game personality...
[12:19:19 PM] Medicshy: hmm...
[12:19:28 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: or movie
[12:20:27 PM] Medicshy: I guess he's Indiana Jones, but a journalist?
[12:20:34 PM] Medicshy: and not as self-sure
[12:20:41 PM] Nicolas: Okay, so kinda like Spider-Man
[12:20:46 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: maybe
[12:20:59 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Like Spider Indiana Man Jones
[12:21:17 PM] Medicshy: not really? he's not super or anything, but he does seek the truth and wants to help.
[12:21:27 PM] Medicshy: He also doesnt use a whip
[12:21:33 PM] Nicolas: He should!
[12:21:35 PM] Nicolas: :D
[12:21:43 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: He has wings
[12:21:54 PM] Medicshy: He uses a pen and his hooves! And wings!
[12:22:02 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: The onlt real reason Jones has the whip is to go over pits
[12:22:13 PM] Nicolas: Although I have no idea how he would hold a whip with his hooves... :/
[12:22:40 PM] Medicshy: He's like the Doctor but not nearly as smart or tech savvy... or confident... he's nothing like the Doctor apart from nopony dying! And helping people... and being nice. He's like the Doctor, but not at all.
[12:22:52 PM] Medicshy: He'd use his teeth, like he does to write
[12:23:09 PM] Nicolas: That makes perfect sense!!
[12:23:17 PM] Medicshy: and like Viper did to sword.
[12:23:31 PM] Medicshy: *spoiler, i guess*
[12:24:07 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I would imagine if we lived in a society where you had to be trained to use your mouth to achieve basic goals then we would be good with pens and whips too...
[12:25:40 PM] Medicshy: possibly. I intended to put in a scene where he was writing with a quill and got the spines of the feather all on his toungue and stuff and couldn't spit them out, but I couldn't explain why Rose would have a quill on hoof and I didn't want to extend the ending any longer than it was. Detailing the 2 week jump would have gotten boring VERY fast.
[12:26:32 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay so
[12:27:05 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Looking back on the finshed product is there any part you would have liked to change
[12:29:51 PM] Medicshy: Part 4, to make it more interesting and flow better. Even though it already had about 5 interpretations. Also I think I would have started building up Rose's character a little sooner, but that worked out alright. I think a lot of readers also didn't like how i characterized the mane 6, but they were at their worst, most stressed and hounded and he was the focus of their trouble, so i figured they wouldn't be all sunshine and happiness to him, but I might have gone too far the other way. I didn't mean to, it just sort of happened.
[12:30:32 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I don't understand that complaint
[12:30:41 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: They have perfect reason to be mad at him
[12:31:32 PM] Medicshy: And they've been shown to be selfish and mean to some extent before, the problem was they were for most of the story until the end, and I tried to make everypony likeable at the end, but i think many felt it was too little too late.
[12:32:34 PM] Medicshy: not so much selfish, but definitely miffed at him. You wouldn't be nice to the pony that ruined your name and got your hounded by crowds, would you?
[12:32:58 PM] Nicolas: Not really... I would still have a grudge
[12:33:17 PM] Medicshy: Oh, just thought of a bit of inspiration for the crowd bits from Green isn't your colour. Crowds seem to follow ponies around a lot.
[12:33:49 PM] Medicshy: ticket master, lesson zero...
[12:34:06 PM] Nicolas: You know with many ponies almost dying and getting stuck in difficult sittuations, as with the newest episode...
[12:34:18 PM] Nicolas: wait, no, 2 eps ago
[12:34:25 PM] Nicolas: With Super RD
[12:35:03 PM] Medicshy: did the new one come out over there already? its not out here.
[12:35:21 PM] Nicolas: Youtubes, We don't get MLP in Australia
[12:35:41 PM] Nicolas: I just scramble onto Youtube on Sunday Mornings
[12:35:58 PM] Medicshy: mare do well was the last episode though, then
[12:36:07 PM] Nicolas: the Pet one
[12:36:16 PM] Medicshy: ah
[12:36:19 PM] Medicshy: then yes
[12:36:22 PM] Nicolas: :3
[12:36:24 PM] Medicshy: anywho
[12:36:27 PM] Nicolas: anyways, next question
[12:36:56 PM] Nicolas: Was there any part of the story brought upon by any of your real life experiences?
[12:38:14 PM] Medicshy: Not really. I don't have Ink Well's drive, just maybe his inspiration thing where they come from nowhere. I've got, like... 5 stories planned already, but they need to happen in a certain order, so there's a lot of material coming from little old me if I have the time.
[12:38:55 PM] Medicshy: Also i'm unfortunately forever alone, with few friends and no girlfriend, though i do also not like parties, so he got that trait.
[12:39:06 PM] Nicolas: Ah
[12:39:13 PM] Nicolas: I'm kinda the same
[12:39:26 PM] Nicolas: Although I do have few friends
[12:40:23 PM] Medicshy: everything else came from making a good story to be enjoyed with a happy ending, not a story of my life or anything like that.
[12:40:51 PM] Medicshy: I'm a sucker for a happy ending. And a romantic moment, though I always seem to botch them up
[12:41:27 PM] Nicolas: So, What drives you to write then, is it just the pride or anything you get from seeing people enjoy what you have done?
[12:44:49 PM] Medicshy: Well... It just comes to my head, and it won't leave me until I write it down, but then there's the joy of seeing it be enjoyed and liked and the love that comes from the readers... But i just like writing, escaping into a world so unlike my own, with happy endings and great outcomes. It's also the reason I act and play so many video games. seeing/showing a world so much better than the one I seem to be in ( though i suppose i really shouldn't complain too much) is cathardic. It lets me keep my hope high for the future ^^
[12:45:12 PM] Medicshy: he also got saying sappy lines from me, but that's a downside of the way i write...
[12:46:10 PM] Nicolas: I'm the same, I like doing things and seeing people... appreciate them... It just makes the sense of accomplishment from completing it, that bit more special
[12:47:08 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Like minecraft builds
[12:47:34 PM] Medicshy: I went and put myself in a cautiously optimistic move, we need to move on before I either melt from sad or from warm fluffies.
[12:47:41 PM] Medicshy: Yes, like minecraft builds!
[12:48:01 PM] Medicshy: Minecraft: because where else will you build pixel ponies by hand?
[12:48:23 PM] Nicolas: Okay, so lets continue then;
[12:48:50 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Did you devote a lot of time to newsworthy?
[12:51:40 PM] Medicshy: More than I probably should have, yeah. Probably... I know the editing for the final part alone was 4+ hours, with a lot of the rest of it going between 2 and 3 for editing and maybe... 6-8 to write, depending on the length and how 'on it' i was the whole time? Normally all between midnight and 3 am (because that seems to be the only time i can write creatively, go figure) and ALL on school nights or when there were huge projects due... It was a long process, but i like the result.
[12:52:28 PM] Medicshy: i mean, it got me interviewed on a website! it must be good or liked or something, right?
[12:52:55 PM] Nicolas: We're not a very BIG website, but we still exist :3
[12:53:38 PM] Medicshy: Hey, you'll get bigger! I like what you guys are trying to do, even if you haven't been at it long.
[12:54:10 PM] Nicolas: Thanks, we started around... I can't remember, but it was around 4 months ago
[12:54:21 PM] Medicshy: EQD didn't hit almost 80000000 views overnight.
[12:54:41 PM] Nicolas: Confound them and their many viewers :D
[12:55:20 PM] Medicshy: Shoot, when i started paying attention to the sight they were under 40mil... I feel old.
[12:55:31 PM] Medicshy: *site
[12:55:33 PM] Nicolas: wow...
[12:55:56 PM] Nicolas: Well Darcy here introduced me to Ponies, around.. August... I think
[12:56:15 PM] Medicshy: Relatively new then!
[12:56:19 PM] Nicolas: yep
[12:56:32 PM] Nicolas: But I am totally addicted
[12:56:52 PM] Medicshy: It's because they will someday rule the world with an iron hoof of love and tolerance!
[12:57:07 PM] Nicolas: FOR EQUESTRIA!!
[12:57:11 PM] Medicshy: But i feel we may be wasting more time...
[12:57:36 PM] Nicolas: We were getting lunch, so we are stalling a bit...
[12:57:40 PM] Nicolas: :3
[12:57:51 PM] Nicolas: Okay, next question;
[12:58:21 PM] Nicolas: If you were given the resources, what Movie would you like to make?
[12:59:09 PM] Medicshy: What movie? Ooooooh.... I dunno.
[12:59:28 PM] Nicolas: Or would you just make a movie of your writing?
[12:59:42 PM] Medicshy: Oh, no way, nobody would go see that movie.
[1:00:01 PM] Nicolas: Except
[1:00:03 PM] Medicshy: No, i'd probably give it to the fallout equestria people and tell them to go wild
[1:00:07 PM] Nicolas: for the bronies :3
[1:00:21 PM] Nicolas: THAT would be a good movie
[1:00:52 PM] Medicshy: it would
[1:01:33 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I heard Fallout Equestria and I came running
[1:01:37 PM] Medicshy: Sorry, dont mind me, just planning things out. I've got about an hour before I'll be out of interwebs range
[1:01:54 PM] Nicolas: ok
[1:02:00 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: we shoudl hurry along then
[1:02:09 PM] Nicolas: should*
[1:02:17 PM] Medicshy: eh, i'd be willing to pick it up at home, we'd just have to wait for a bit.
[1:02:29 PM] Medicshy: it takes the bus like an hour, it goes so slow
[1:02:45 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its okay we won't get bored, Minecraft Occupy's all the times!
[1:02:57 PM] Medicshy: ALL the times!
[1:03:29 PM] Medicshy: but yeah. though technically i could hop on a bus now and be home an hour earlier... but this is more important i think :)
[1:03:46 PM] Nicolas: MUCH more important :D
[1:03:50 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: LOl
[1:04:02 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Caps lock why you so derpy?
[1:04:04 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: So
[1:04:05 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Speaking of minecraft If you were given all the times in the world, what would you create?
[1:06:11 PM] Medicshy: I would build a giant replica of Cloudsdale. That or finally finish the adventure map my friend and I was working on. I kinda highjacked it to be based off of that song 'September,' but my friend bailed on me :(
[1:07:09 PM] Medicshy: Oh, one thing I am willing to spoiler about the next story, Derpy will play a fairly large role in it!
[1:08:10 PM] Nicolas: One thing, We have no idea what song September is... Who is it by?
[1:08:29 PM] Nicolas: (facepalm)
[1:08:44 PM] Medicshy: hold on, let me look it up
[1:10:02 PM] Medicshy: The Living Tombstone:
[1:11:00 PM] Nicolas: Lol, we just typed in September into Google, and it came up with a funny Pop song
[1:11:16 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: alright Uber Sidetarcked
[1:12:00 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: In Newsworthy you tend to stay away from Death despite grevious bodily harm why is this
[1:12:03 PM] Medicshy: *sidetracked
[1:12:17 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Lol fail be me
[1:13:18 PM] Medicshy: Because a) I didn't want to kill any of the characters, b) death becomes not the pony universe, and c) Death is a very powerful thing, you can't just be throwing it around. If I kill a character in this one I need to kill two in the next story, then four after that, then I'll be blowing up whole towns...
[1:13:26 PM] Medicshy: It's a horrible cycle
[1:13:40 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I figured
[1:14:09 PM] Medicshy: also there's something very powerful about the hero limping in, burned, bashed and broken, and still facing up to the pristine all powerful enemy
[1:14:26 PM] Medicshy: one of those beautiful 'against all odds' sort of things
[1:15:06 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: And I guess Its more suiting because he is leading an example, That everybody/Pony can change
[1:15:10 PM] Nicolas: lol, sorry me and Darcy are just cracking up at what song we thought yu were talking about;
[1:15:15 PM] Nicolas: you*
[1:15:29 PM] Medicshy: no, not earth wind and fire
[1:15:38 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: we know
[1:15:52 PM] Nicolas: We kind of figured (rofl)
[1:15:52 PM] Medicshy: nothing against them, but was not the intention
[1:16:17 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay next question
[1:17:09 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: If you were given a publishing gig, what would you like to write
[1:17:52 PM] Medicshy: scifi, fantasy, and ideally serialized things as opposed to one shots.
[1:18:33 PM] Medicshy: trilogies are nice. I've got 3 Ink Well stories total planned before characters change, though it's not REALLY a trilogy...
[1:18:59 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: *Flutteryay*
[1:19:06 PM] Medicshy: ~yay
[1:19:54 PM] Medicshy: And then I've got at least 2 fighting for being the first one after that, still working on the same fannon world, but by then too many things may have changed with the show. I mean, it took me 3 months to finish 1 story. Who knows how long the next will be?
[1:20:02 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Axes computer sort of died he will be back in a second
[1:21:05 PM] Medicshy: no problem. I'm debating whether i should risk trying to move to another room or keep here. I think I'll stay... don't want to waste precious time DC'd from the internet.
[1:21:37 PM] Nicolas: backeth
[1:21:47 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its fine if you would like to, we would rather this be a relaxed sort of thing more than a rushed sort of set up
[1:21:54 PM] Medicshy: forsooth! Thou hast returned! Be thine backside ungobbled?
[1:22:15 PM] Nicolas: thine backside be ungobbled
[1:22:42 PM] Medicshy: nah, internet is better here, and i'd be distracted if i walked off. Full attention to you guys until i NEED to leave
[1:23:02 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay Dokey Lokey
[1:23:10 PM] Medicshy: *mine, not thine. I asked if your rear was okay, and you said that mine was.
[1:23:36 PM] Nicolas: O.o
[1:23:50 PM] Nicolas: I don't know this speakest that thou speakest of
[1:23:54 PM] Medicshy: Gah, sorry, English minor. I go straight into editor mode when i start to get spurgy.
[1:24:09 PM] Medicshy: WE ARE NOT AMUSED
[1:24:13 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay thats all the serious stuff, lets ask funny hypothetical stuff now
[1:24:24 PM] Medicshy: Alrighty then!
[1:24:54 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: If you could keep anything fictional or not as a pet, what would you choose?
[1:26:26 PM] Medicshy: Well it would be a difficult decision between a dragon, a phoenix, or Tank the tortoise and his magical helicopter helmet. I'd pick a pony, but I don't think they'd like being demoted to 'pet' status...
[1:26:40 PM] Medicshy: probably a phoenix, both fire and birds are awesome
[1:27:00 PM] Nicolas: Especially Twilight, as she isn't "pet material"
[1:27:23 PM] Medicshy: OOH! no, a cryophoenix! Ice based birds are even better!
[1:27:33 PM] Medicshy: And what are you talking about? Twilight is best pet
[1:27:36 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Wyverns FTW
[1:28:10 PM] Nicolas: *insert other reference from Pet episode*
[1:28:20 PM] Medicshy: It's a TORTOISE
[1:28:30 PM] Medicshy: Gesundheit.
[1:28:31 PM] Nicolas: :3
[1:28:36 PM] Medicshy: HA! Ruined my own joke
[1:28:43 PM] Medicshy: anywho
[1:28:55 PM] Nicolas: let's continue
[1:29:06 PM] Medicshy: *lamesplode*
[1:29:09 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Where do you think to the Portal to equestria is located?
[1:29:48 PM] Medicshy: It's on the moon, as Equestrian air has a violent and often fatal reaction with our own.
[1:30:11 PM] Nicolas: Ah, Equestrian Innovations reference :3
[1:30:48 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I would have to say in an abandoned minecraft that you follow until yo hit pitch black and you exit from a cave in Equestria
[1:30:55 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Thats how I always imagined it
[1:31:00 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Shaft*
[1:31:25 PM | Edited 1:31:32 PM] Medicshy: Here at aperture science, we are working on a portal to equestria. unfortunately, our gun is not working at the moment, and just connects space time, but that's pretty cool, right?
[1:31:35 PM] Nicolas: :)
[1:31:45 PM] Medicshy: (:
[1:32:05 PM] Nicolas: anyways, next question
[1:32:21 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: A dragon is raiding Ponyville!,What do we do?!
[1:32:27 PM] Medicshy: Panic?
[1:33:08 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Magic our Panic into Bows and fight!
[1:33:24 PM] Medicshy: *fluttershy reference ftw* No, I say we call Twilight's utility magic in to fix the problem!
[1:33:47 PM] Medicshy: *le sigh pointing to own jokes, i am a sad sad little brony*
[1:33:59 PM] Nicolas: nah, were just slightly tired...
[1:34:10 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I'm not
[1:34:10 PM | Edited 1:34:13 PM] Medicshy: it's like noon there, how are you tired?
[1:34:16 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its 1pm here
[1:34:31 PM] Nicolas: we stayed up till midnight last night playing Skyrim
[1:34:33 PM] Medicshy: that's why i included the 'like', gives a 2 hour buffer
[1:34:36 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Axe is Delusional
[1:34:56 PM] Medicshy: Pfft, only midnight? Three AM writing last night
[1:35:14 PM] Medicshy: up at 7, was a fun day
[1:35:34 PM] Nicolas: I wouldn't be able to write at 3am... I write my best just as I get up, so around 9am
[1:35:40 PM] Medicshy: But i will stop the one-upsmanship to not derail things any further than i already have.
[1:36:19 PM] Medicshy: I like to try to write when I just get up, but circumstances no longer allow me to sleep past noon...
[1:36:34 PM] Medicshy: so im not fully there in the rest of the AM
[1:36:48 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Next Question!
[1:36:51 PM] Medicshy: Yes!
[1:36:59 PM] Nicolas: !!!
[1:37:00 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Have you ever gone to a brony meet up? If not would you like to?
[1:37:20 PM] Medicshy: No, and I would sort of like to try to make one happen at my school, but I think i
[1:37:29 PM] Medicshy: would get like 4 people to show
[1:37:56 PM] Nicolas: same as at our school... we might get around 5 people
[1:37:57 PM] Medicshy: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck norris?
[1:38:27 PM] Nicolas: He could chuck all the wood in the world, as chucking chuck norris would be difficult...
[1:38:28 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: HUZZAH, How many woods to chuck?!
[1:38:59 PM] Medicshy: I've only met 2 other bronies, and 1 isn't on the island anymore, so im not sure about the brony population here...
[1:39:15 PM] Medicshy: All of the woods. All of them
[1:39:31 PM] Nicolas: wow... I've met around... 2 in real life, and about 6 in games not relating to MLP
[1:39:40 PM] Nicolas: Like Minecraft
[1:40:23 PM] Medicshy: I've met a lot on TF2, there's a whole bunch of Pony Servers, and with TF2 being F2P, easy to get in and kill with the power of friendship!
[1:40:37 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: It must be pretty cool  living somewhere like Hawaii
[1:40:49 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Tropical whether all year round
[1:42:48 PM] Medicshy: Honestly, I'm on the rainy side of the island and there aren't any big cities, so there's not a lot to do. But the temp only goes to 40* Farenheit anywhere that people live, and only below freezing up on Mauna Kea, which is an active volcano so that's pretty awesome. I actually don't do well in heat, so during a lot of the year im fairly miserable. But winter is coming in this hemisphere, so all is well!
[1:43:19 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Oh God no don't come here
[1:43:33 PM] Nicolas: the heat would melt you
[1:43:39 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its 45 celcius on average where we are
[1:43:47 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Summer
[1:44:15 PM] Medicshy: I am a walking space heater, as in I do not ever get cold, but I overheat really fast. I work best in AC, like a computer or a robot :)
[1:44:43 PM] Medicshy: but space heating has its advantages...
[1:44:57 PM] Medicshy: off topic again, sorry
[1:45:15 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: We only just broke a 12 year long draught this year
[1:45:16 PM] Nicolas: no problem
[1:45:25 PM] Nicolas: keep rambling, I enjoy it
[1:46:24 PM] Medicshy: Ouch, so much not rain... don't think I could handle. I love the rain too much... and snow, but there's none on most of the island. It doesn't even take heat to kill me, just direct sunlight and I burst into flames, like a REAL vampire.
[1:46:32 PM] Medicshy: makes yardwork difficult
[1:47:08 PM] Medicshy: in fact, i wrote a story for a class on that exact subject that im posting on my non-pony DA account once I get the grade back for it.
[1:47:20 PM] Medicshy: Most ridiculously epic story about a lawn you'll ever hear
[1:48:01 PM] Nicolas: Well, where we are there is NO snow, the closest we've come was around 7 years ago...
[1:48:11 PM] Nicolas: when it hailed enough that it looked like snow
[1:48:33 PM] Medicshy: nice. It hailed here once, and that was ridiculous, dented all the tin roofing XD
[1:48:39 PM] Nicolas: O.o
[1:48:42 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: So much side track!
[1:48:49 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Its cool
[1:48:51 PM] Nicolas: well, next question!
[1:48:59 PM] Medicshy: indeed, quick station master, redirect us!
[1:49:10 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: The Track with all the roses and nice bakerys is better than the highway
[1:49:33 PM] Medicshy: Yay roses! *time warning, about 15 minutes until i need to head to the busstop*
[1:49:42 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Okay
[1:50:02 PM] Medicshy: *and then like an hour until i'm back on, if you want to continue, cus im having fun too*
[1:50:11 PM] Nicolas: we are having a ball
[1:50:13 PM] Nicolas: :D
[1:50:24 PM] Medicshy: a big red bouncy one that wont explode from a twilight appearing in it
[1:50:29 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: All entities have frozen in time for one hour, what do you do!
[1:51:24 PM] Medicshy: I... don't do a lot, actually. Nowhere i can reach in an hour worth messing with. I start dropping things and seeing if they freeze in midair or fall, and then i begin sculpting in frozen time-space
[1:51:24 PM] Nicolas: *insert twilight reference here*  "HEY GIRLS!!!!!"
[1:52:13 PM] Medicshy: that creepy smile was the best thing to ever happen ever. Also. "Uh... hi?"
[1:52:26 PM] Medicshy: "I really... like your mane?"
[1:52:29 PM] Nicolas: *squee*
[1:52:45 PM] Medicshy: crazy ponies are best ponies
[1:52:50 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Next Question
[1:52:51 PM] Nicolas: by far, by far
[1:53:01 PM] Medicshy: Question number... wherever we are!
[1:53:10 PM] Nicolas: around 22, so were almost done
[1:53:17 PM] Medicshy: awwwwwwwwww
[1:53:19 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Your a superhero, what is your name and what is your superpower!
[1:53:47 PM] Medicshy: I am CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! With the power to point out the obvious solution everybody seems to miss!
[1:53:58 PM] Medicshy: Also i can fly, cus flying is cool
[1:54:22 PM] Medicshy: And the first obvious statement is: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an awesome show!
[1:54:29 PM] Nicolas: YES!
[1:55:00 PM] Medicshy: The only one to drive me to fanfic... confound these ponies. Even shipping... i feel low...
[1:55:21 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: I would be English Breackfast man!, make the world better by pouring my Super Tea on verything1
[1:55:32 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Everything*
[1:55:46 PM] Medicshy: though i did sort of fanfic League of Legends once, but it was more an alternate universe thing with singed as the main character, because I like mad scientist protagonists.
[1:56:24 PM] Medicshy: Gah! Tea! My one weakness! Not... enough... sugary caffeine.... too much wateryness.... *american tea is disgusting. not nearly strong enough*
[1:56:39 PM] Nicolas: Russian Caravan FTW!!
[1:56:46 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Quiet
[1:56:52 PM] Medicshy: quite
[1:56:58 PM] Nicolas: quit
[1:56:59 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Caravan Boy
[1:57:02 PM] Medicshy: quill
[1:57:08 PM] Nicolas: question
[1:57:09 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Quiche
[1:57:11 PM] Medicshy: quiche
[1:57:12 PM] Medicshy: darn it
[1:57:15 PM] Medicshy: quince
[1:57:21 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Quial
[1:57:28 PM] Medicshy: quail
[1:57:29 PM] Nicolas: *Quail
[1:57:39 PM] Medicshy: quesadillia
[1:57:49 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: This is the side track beside  the sidetrack
[1:58:01 PM] Medicshy: indeed
[1:58:02 PM] Nicolas: Speaking of questions, NEXT Quest-ion-eh
[1:58:09 PM] Medicshy: quilt!
[1:58:14 PM] Medicshy: Sorry, GO!
[1:58:23 PM] Medicshy: 5 minutes!
[1:58:29 PM] Nicolas: Qantas
[1:58:32 PM] *** (Nic) DarcySupremest sent meet_the_medic_in_team_fortress_2.jpg,... ***
[1:58:34 PM] Nicolas: HA!
[1:58:36 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Vhat vas Noise?
[1:58:46 PM] Medicshy: i have that picture
[1:58:48 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: is the question
[1:58:55 PM] Medicshy: was using it as my TF2 spray for a while
[1:58:57 PM] Nicolas: Of course you have that picture
[1:59:16 PM] Medicshy: now it;s an NLR poster...
[1:59:52 PM] Medicshy: Zhat was nosing, my dear friend. And do not worry, Ribs grow back! *no zey don't*
[2:00:27 PM] Medicshy: Ze sound of progress! *sorry, was at the wrong point in the video. so bad*
[2:00:56 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Think we can save the last like 4 for after your return i think we need a break sitting down can't be good for us
[2:01:41 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: So just givte us a yell when you return I suppose
[2:01:43 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: ?
[2:02:07 PM] Medicshy: Will do!
[2:02:23 PM] Medicshy: Yuppers! Have a good wait!
[2:02:52 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Minecraft Away!
At this point , Medicshy headed home and we remade contact about an hour later
[3:15:38 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Hello again
[3:15:45 PM] Medicshy: Hello again!
[3:16:07 PM] Medicshy: So, good news, unexpected side effect of coming home is that audio could be a possibility suddenly, if you'd like.
[3:16:57 PM] Nicolas: I'm all for it as well
[3:17:02 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: If you want to I'm all for it, do you
[3:17:04 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: ?
[3:17:16 PM] Medicshy: sure then, ring away
[3:17:28 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: Lemme find a mic
[3:17:57 PM] Medicshy: okay, mine might be a bit iffy, and i know i cant type at the same time cus it's placed right next to the keyboard, but i'll make this work!
[3:18:32 PM] Nicolas: well you might hear echos in ours, as we are right next to each other
[3:18:33 PM] Medicshy: my new fun issue is that my right external speajer lost its little stand thingy, so now i'm keeping it up with a paperclip
[3:18:51 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: alrighty
[3:19:07 PM] Medicshy: thingy, its a technical term
[3:19:18 PM] Nicolas: very :)
[3:19:31 PM] Medicshy: slmost as technical as doodad
[3:19:34 PM] (Nic) DarcySupremest: lets get this started again
Unfortunetly The Recording of us chatting Imploded in upon its self and never returned 

Buts its okay for we has, MINECRAFT VIDEOS VVVVV


Axe went home at this point, me and Medicshy sort of mucked about some more got bored, so we decided to play team fortress 2 but mine had to re download so we ran out of time, but it is downloaded now so its ready to play if he ever comes online.

That was insanely fun this whole interview right down to the game playing, I really hope we can get some more interviews in the near future.
Have a Good one guys

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  1. wow... we talked for a long time XD

    I thought we'd get more than my complaining in the minecraft video though... sounds like a lot of me whining...

    And i will totally get back on TF2 once finals stop taking up all of my time, I promise!

    ... I'm probably the source of way too many of those views you have, but I believe in your website! Even if i am the only commenter... It will be great!