Friday, December 23, 2011

Fallout Equestria Week.

I Hope everypony is having a spectacular christmas, because I sure am.
So yeah I have been plotting behind the scenes recently and I have decided that we are going to be having a
little celebration here.

In a few weeks, still to be decided, I am going to take the website and Falloutafy it, all we are doing for a solid week is reviewing Fallout Equestria side stories, interviewing their authors up to the big K Ms Kkat and the big review of Fallout Equestria and Interviewing her here on the site.

Its going to be a big week, I have to write up seven reviews and prepare at least (Judging by Medicshy's interview) 25 questions each so 175 question's, exception Kkat, I'm going to pick her brain like crazy, for I have many ask!.

I might go snooping around DA and see If I can get a banner for the week which would be sweet if I could.

The 6 Side Stories are still to be announced, for I need to read up on them but I can say for sure Fallout Equestria Heroes is a definite yes's
But yeah those are the plans, It's going to be an awesome week thats for sure!
Have a good one bronies
There is now a neat little list over there on the top right hand column about where I currently am with Fallout Equestria week.
That should give you a rough outlook about how close we are to the week, but chances are I will annouce when it's happening.

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