Saturday, December 31, 2011

1200, and even before the end of the year!!


We have been doing great at the moment, As I was saying not long ago that 'It would be great if we could get to 1000 before the new year!' And lo and behold we have made it to 1200 and it's New Year's Eve!!

So anyway, I don't know what my new years resolution is... maybe write a fan-fic of my own. But have no idea what about yet... And you should all have seen our new Admin postin' around... and he took my 1100 views post... whatever, he can have it, as a welcoming present, so I don't have to buy him anything special :D

Oh yes, And if you guys have noticed the poll on the side that MedicShy created -------------->
Me and Darcy have decided that if the poll goes in favour of a "certain option" then we will have a special... thing... That's all you get about this, as we don't wanna give it away :P


Badass Trixie is badass (I got the original black and white, which looks amazing, but it is unrecognisable as Trixie in that one) :P

Keep it Trixiein'!!

AxeOfChaos Out


  1. Oh, please don't let exploding trousers win. It seems most likely though... I just needed a fourth option.

  2. :D we have a hilarious idea if it does win

  3. you ever gonna let me in on it?