Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where'd y'all go?

AxeOfChaos Here:
I have been minecrafting, playing GOW3 and more recently Battlefield 3 *squeeee!!*
and Darcy has been... can you guess... well since I am not ACTUALLY talking to you, I am going to assume you cannot guess, and I will therefore tell you. He has been writing a FANFIC!

Before you demand the results, I am sorry to say he is still writing it, and will not be finished for a while, unless he does some serious writing shortly. I will be proof-reading it and reviewing it, with all the harshness of a REAL critic (don't let the fact that we are friends make me instantly like it, but from what I have heard, it will be enjoyable!)

So, in conclusion, soon we will be as busy as usual, with fanfic reviews flowing through. But for the meantime, Darcy has fanfics to write and I have Battlefield to conquer!

AxeOfChaos Out

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