Wednesday, November 30, 2011


No pictures!What is this blasfamey!?, well I'm on an iPod as we speak so their is no picture
Well we got lots of Delitious news for you good little fans, yep all 6 of you
What we did for sports at high school today.
It was raining today so we had no walking, so we decided to watch movie, of course movies are too mainstream so me axe and our friends talked our way into getting to go out on the schools covered balcony and play Blackjack for 3 hours, Winrar is us.
Wait that has noting to do with ponies... Okay whatever
we only had like 400 like a Week ago, I expected this kind of pick up like months from now of the traffic increases any more I might have to start looking for another admin!
The First Interview In this sites history.
In 2 days MedicShy the author of Newsworthy, the only shipping fic I can stand is coming on the site for some questions and answers, due to anonminitity MedicShy has requested we keep it IM not voice.
There will be a recording of uploaded to Nic N NIc, "me and axes YouTube account" , and their will also be a transcript.
This is the first of I hope many to come, one of these days who knows maybe Kkat or Somber will come on here, I can only hope!
So yeah thats it a big ol textwall, ain't I just the worst?.
Until next time guy Have a good one.


Here ya go Darcy, I'll spruce this up a little!

One Vinyl Scratch amazing wallpaper to celebrate our half millennium

To minimize the HUGE text wall Darcy has uploaded, I will cut it into sections:

Darcy will shortly, as in this weekend shortly, be having a... chat... I guess to the creator of Newsworthy, MedicShy, which hopefully I will be attending (well sitting behind him, smiling at the fact we have views on this site)

We also had a pretty bossular day yesterday, with instead of watching some chopper movie, we played Blackjack out on the school's balcony, while listening to the rain and smooth jazz for 3 hours. Gotta be one of the better days I've had :)

Well 500 views, THAT is an achievement. And hopefully with the interview to celebrate, which we will put on NicknNic, our Youtube account, and I will post onto this site, our views will pick up, with hopefully some air-time on EQD.

Well, may all your ponies be 20% cooler

Until next time
AxeOfChaos Out

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