Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Newsworthy by Medicshy


Pay attention Shipping writers, because this is how you write a Goddess damn shipping fic.

Like I said review after the break, I will try as hard as I can to not spoil it but again watch out. I'm trying something new here if you see Words In Red it means its a potential spoiler.

EDIT: Apparently the red words disappeared and never returned, I was never good with woman, I mean what?



The Plot revolves around a magazine editor known as Ink Well is assigned a rumor about the Mane Six purposely ruining the Grand Galloping Gala as some outlandish conspiracy theory.

But as Ink Well arrives in Ponyville he learns that the previous magazine articles about the Mane Six have severely ruined their reputation and the general public constantly harass them about the rumours.

So Ink Well takes it into his own to fix the girls damaged reputations, that leads him to discover an evil plot, and fall in love with somepony along the way.

This plot is excellent, it involves much character conflict as he fights for his own well being or breaking his promise to the girls.

Because he didn't do the article correct he is fired from is job and begins to go through a state of depression, I did suffer from depression at one point in my life and I can say Medicshy hits all the right notes.



This is a potential spoiler but because the point won't get across unless I kind of say this here so sorry.

I Hate shipping and Medicshy has pulled off a rare anomaly in which he has made shipping enjoyable to me, it isn't t headstrong and over done really its only real shipping fic moment is pulled off right at the end of the whole series.

Ink Well pretty much visits Ponyville every second day and slowly and I mean slowly falls in love with Rose a background pony, from the first scenes you can tell it what's developing.

What I mean is that Medicshy had to choices for who he was going to have Ink Well fall in love with, It was either going to be Fluttershy or Rose and he had a vote to see who people preferred Rose one mostly because people saw the connection and Rose was more original, but even in the scenes before the vote the chemistry that Ink Well and Rose share is spectacular especially the most beautiful scene I have ever read in a fan fic rivalling Littlepip seeing a sunny day for the first time in Fallout Equestria, Ink Well explains how flying is something he can't do justice, but as a gift to Rose he asks Twilight to preform the same spell to Rose as she did to Rarity in episode 11.

Which leads to a scene so beautiful I couldn't believe it.

Medicshy you know how to Ship, 'nuff said



It's tough, It's a mix between Ink and Rose like I said above the chemistry the two share is exquisite and I know it sounds like I'm putting the two on the most golden plinth you can possibly find, but really its a marvel, you need to read the fic to understand.

Like I said I hate Shipping most of the time because shipping authors don't take time to have quiet scenes or have conflict between the two ponies its more or less "Wanna Spoon RD?" "Kay AJ"

Props to Fluttershy also she was the only one besides probably Twilight that didn't act like a complete ass hole to Ink Well which is kind of a complaint most people have and I have to agree Its kind of not in their nature, but then again Its because of Ink Well that everypony thinks they are Revelutionists.

Fluttershy was nice right from the start and even cleans up Inks house as token of gratitude




In conclusion read it, don't question my motives just read it and read it hard, drink it in and savour every single description every word that emanates from the pages.

This is quite possibly the best non Fallout Related Fan Fiction I have ever read and I can't wait

for the planned sequel.

I have very little complaints and even then they often are understandable if you think about it.

the only real complaint is there isn't really enough about Ink's past, I know their is quite a bit about it all i'm saying is that a flashback probably would have been better, Still.


Medicshy deserves money for what he is doing he like so many other bronies are ignored because of shipping, I was drawn to it because of the synopsis catching my attention, and to be EVEN more preachy he needs to never ever stop writing what he is writing because its all amazing.

EDIT: he has been going on about how the sequel is going to be a let down, bring it on.

And guess what I made up something silly, just for the purpose of this Fan Fic

This is now only for the best fan fictions I have read and only for the best ones, If won't let myself have "1-10 scales" or "stars" I can have this.
Now to review a Fan Fic involving Vinyl, WHEN find one.
Have a good one Bronies


  1. Wow... So much gushing... I don't deserve all of THAT, do I?

    Now I'm going to disappoint 'cus *not going to spoil anything, I promised I wouldn't, but I am going to hint strongly* the sequel is a mostly-thought-overused crossover between Ink Well and a non-pony series. I'm going to let everypony down...

  2. Oh boy if you think THAT was gushing wait until I Do Fallout Equestria that is going to be hard to contain my fanboy.
    But it is a really good fan fic and I'm serious.

  3. A COMMENT!! What is this! Hello, must read your works (Going to before the weekend, or I'll never hear the last of it from Darcy) After I read it, I will add to the post, hopefully put in MY perspective, as I don't mind shipping

    AxeOfChaos Out

  4. Well, I'm surprised your website doesn't have more hits, though I suppose you do technically only have a couple reviews... I don't know if it's lack of knowledge or what, but I hope you get more soon! I'm still honored for my story to have been featured!

    And while my free time isn't at a premium and I know nothing about making computers or the internet work correctly, if there's a way for me to help with the site I'd be glad to.