Wednesday, November 23, 2011


AxeOfChaos Here:

Holy Celestia's Beard!!
We're up to 400 page views!!

And to... celebrate... I guess... We have made an email, so all you bronies out there can send us your fan fics!!

If you have been very observant (which, by sheer numbers, would tell me that the 2 of you that read this wouldn't be) you would see that at the bottom of our home page we now have an email address! --> <-- so now y'all can wonder in magic and awe as we review YOUR fan fics!!

Happy Brony-ing

and EPISODE 7 was AWESOME!! More RD singing episodes must be done!!

And, yes Darcy, I would rather see Vinyl in another episode. Are you happy now?

AxeOfChaos Out

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