Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soaring Hearts Review

AxeOfChaos here:

The first review on this site, (Darcy will hate this) is a shipping :3, well here it is as I promised.

Soaring Hearts was the first shipping fanfic I have read, I was a little cautious as I clicked the link for this, but it included Rainbow Dash, So I proceeded. I was delightfully surprised, and because of this fanfic, Soarin' is now my favourite background pony!

It starts with Rainbow coming home after the gala, and having watched the last episode of season one not long ago, it was easy to picture what was going on, helped along by the writers great way of portraying the landscape and Rainbow's feelings. (Yes, big words, I'm well educated :3)

I was immediately pushed into the story with Rainbow's every emotion being shown through the great writing, and I admit, I might have shed a tear or two when RD was faced with a HUGE decision. (read the fanfic to find out what ;) *no advertisement here, none at all!!*)

Now I'll talk about the way Vopogon portrayed RD and Soarin'; He uses Soarin's bi-polar personalities (hungry and work/serious) very well, with Soarin' being switched between each many times, which made me laugh a bit, especially with him smelling pie early on :).

Rainbow Dash, as in both shipping fics I've read, is very unstable, with many childhood and current issues pressing in on her from every angle, and she was extremely belittled, unlike her usual personality and more like fluttershy, which made me slightly confused to start off with, but Vopogon does a very good job of making her feel very precious and fragile. I was made to feel many emotions for RD, and with her being my favourite pony by far, made me extremely sad on a few occasions, but also very happy for her accomplishments.

Overall I think this is a great fanfic, and my favourite fanfic I have read yet. (Darcy insists that Project Horizons: Fallout Equestria will make me change my mind) So, I give it a 9/10 and a very strong suggestion that if you don't mind shipping, then read this fanfic.

AxeOfChaos Out

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