Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Simply Rarity


Well my Reddit post started getting some feedback HatredRave hated the way I structured my last review, So this time no pretty Pictures everywhere sorry.
anyway on to the review.
Okay, so you know how people say that it's either Applejack or Rarity that are the least developed characters, Think about It Fluttershy can snap and be strong and brave when she needs to be, Twilight is a Perfectionist always looking for acceptance she is smart but has her flaws.

Rainbow is self centred but can be loyal when she needs to be
Pinkie Pie is happy and bouncy but relies on friendship to keep her composure and sanity.

Applejack is a farmer uh....
....Rarity likes fashion in a fashion.
Yeah you see now?.
It answers the question "Why is it that Rarity doesn't live like a queen, she has model lines for huge fashion designers and her clothing is mainly made of jems, she probably rolls in the Bits.

It Essentially begins at Twilights Birthday, all her friends by her the usual birthday stuff, but Rarity only gives Twilight a journal.
The girls question why she only bought her a journal, which opens up mental wounds about her past, which fits exactly how Rarity acts.

As a child she had it all, Grace, Beauty, and a family of rich ponies, but for some unknown reason Rarity's family goes bankrupt.
sending their parents into deep depression.
Rarity's Father eventually commits suicide, and Raritys grief stricken mother simply walks off and never returns, one only can assume to die.
Rarity and her little sister Unique have to survive, like homeless ponies, but nobody helps her, because of how naive she acted when she was rich.
she and Unique wander around doing little things to get by and earn bits to survive.
I'll leave the rest for you to read for yourselves.
trust me you will like it
Talking about the characters is pretty Pointless considering they never have much portrayal to them, It is a single part story so that is expected, but I really don't want to spoil it for those who wish to read it, trust me If I did explain them I will spoil parts and I'm really trying hard to not spoil anything.
I will say the characters are developed for the little that is mentioned about them.
The best is Rarity, she gets so much character shoved in a small time its like eating a really creamy eclaire, just enough and maybe more in each mouthful.
In conclusion, Its Somber so I love it, Somber owns my soul, but for those who won't accept my transparent fanboyisem for Somber It is really quite a good fan fiction, I mean Rarity is not one of my Favourite ponies I despise her often egotistical nature in the show, but this has made me like her a heap more but still she isn't any where near Scratches standards yet.
Its worth a read.
Thanks for reading
This is DarcySupremest good night brony's I love all you magnificent fans.

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