Saturday, October 1, 2011

AxeOfChaos Cometh!

Okay Dokey guys, The New Admin on this site is my good friend AxeofChaos, he is a massive fan of Rainbow Dash and Hey Ocean! (Which is Ashleigh Bell's Band (Which is Applejack and Rainbow dash's voice actor) )
Well yeah, he has this weird acceptance with Shipping, (I kinda hate shipping, except Rainbow/Fyre and Twi/Trixie thats it, that's only because I think they work)
Yeah welcome him with open arms because he is here to make my life easier.
He will be doing a shout out in the future, he can't now because his internet is capped.
as well as a review of some obscure Rainbow/Soaring Shipping fic (Gross Soarin?, silly Axe Spitfyre is best Wonderbolt)
Have a good one guys
Darcy Out

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