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Fallout Equestria Project Horizons


The Greatest Fan Fic
tion Series ever!.
Yeah Yeah, I know its just my opinion but I'm right.
So what makes it so great?, Everything, why do you think its Approved by Kkat?
Well Axe's weird thing is liking Shipping, Mine is I think OC's are awesome, why? because Apple/Dash isn't hot its weird, but Blackjack and Glory is, Oh goddess spoilers sorry, Ill keep my mouth shut now.
Ill try and keep spoilers to a minimum but I make no promises.
God I love Fallout Equestria.
Its just so Dark and edgy, It has great pacing spectacular settings and character's
and of course there's the Drinking, Drugs and the Sex, which just builds character instead of being really awkward in shipping fan fics (EHEM)
The Plot revolves around the mare Blackjack, she is a security mare in her Stable, (huge underground bunkers built to protect Equestrians in case of a Megaspell exchange with the Zebra's durimg the war the two countries had.
When her mother passes on she has to take up the role of Head of Security.
She doesn't want to be a security mare but she has no choice.
Blackjack often spends time gambling with friends and betting "chits" which are pretty much IOU's.
Her Overmare (The Pony in charge of the Stable) foolishly lets Raiders into the stable.
So Blackjack and the buck P-21 have to escape, which ensures their adventures in everybody's invisionment of hell, The Equestrian Wasteland, more Specifically Hoofington, which was a front line during the war.
Along the way they meet dozens of colourful and creative ponies.


If Vinyl Scratch wasn't the cutest, most baddass most awesomest pony, Blackjack runs in close behind, by like a foot.
In My Opinion Blackjack is better than Littlepip
I mean don't get me wrong Littlepip is a badass its just I like Blackjack because
She just seems more....Human?, Is that the word?, or should I say "more Pony?" well whatever you get my point. but she is better than Littlepip, again by a
Blackjack is a Security Guard of Stable 99 she rarely does what she is told and often skips out on work to play Poker and Blackjack.
She drinks, she has my exact reactions to
any and all things.
In a particular issue she finds Octavia's Chello/Double Bass
and its there she learns that she has a gift with playing it.
She cares about her friends to the point where she puts her self in extremely dangerous positions to protect them.
And she is just a genuinely awesome character, tha
t's why she is in my opinion the best OC ever, and my 2nd favorite pony, 1st is Scratch and 3rd is LUUUUNNNA!


P-21 is a pony you wanna hug.
not because he is cute, because his past is really disturbing and wrong, thing is you hug him he
will probably freeze up , have flashbacks, stuff a stick of dynamite in your mouth and and have a mental breakdown.
His backstory is pretty much told right away so it isn't a spoilor.
Well you know how Stables much like Vaults are social experiments half the time and only a few are actually bunkers?
Well Stable 99, was governed that the only offspring an pony was allowed had to take up their parents job.
Well one day the Overmare, (that's the one in charge.)
Had a Son, and because the females were really pushy they didn't want a male in charge, so they had a vote on weather on not the child should
be allowed to be the next leader and it won, the females were not happy.
but soon afterwards the son was killed, the males blamed the Overmare for doing it, and this caused a huge riot, the males were controlled, and now they are treated like animals and their only use is breeding, so Stable 99 is how Blackjack describes "A Rape Factory".
P-21 is mentally scarred because he is actually Homosexual, and had his Buckfriend murdered in front of him.
Morning/Fallen Glory
Glory is a member of the Grand Pegasus Enclave.
She was part of the Volunteer corps, the idea of the Volunteer corps was the first actual Enclave connection to the ground to aid it since the bombs fell.
Because of her time in the Enclave she is very intelligent and gifted with energy weapons.
She is by Far the cutest character in the series, and actually has a crush on Blackjack which isn't spoken of until she actually says she has.
and this leads to the weirdest things
In one of the more recent parts, Glory and Backjack have sex, and its weird and I feel strange, because It felt....right.
Oh come on!, don't give me that look!, what just because I look deep into my own emotions brought on by stimulation of literature.

You know how all those old legends talk about how being Imortal is like a curse?
Well Rampage is exactly that.
Rampage can't die, If she gets wounded a talisman in her immediately repairs it self, even if she is completely destroyed.
her character is incredibly complex and deep, your going to have to read more to understand her.
but trust me she is an excellent character.

That is the Only Picture I could find of Lucunae I'm serious.
Well she is an Alicorn, a friendly Alicorn.
She is really quiet and she is only a recent character so there isn't really about Lucunae.
I'm serious there is like nothing to say.

Read it.
I can't do it complete justice in a review your just going to have to read it yourself to find out.
all I can say is it's amazing how much Somber cares about Fallout Equestria Project Horizons.
and It really shows.
The Whole series of Fallout Equestria is just awesome to the point where I feel privileged to be able to read it without paying money.
Read it, Somber and Kkat, turn something that was essentially a pretty and cute harmless series and turned it into a chilling, dark and edgy novel.
and this is my message to Somber, I would love to talk to you man and get you an Interview here on the site, you and Kkat are immensely talented and don't quit writing, you're brilliant.

That was my review of Fallout Equestria Project Horizens.
Read It.
Darcy Out.


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