Saturday, October 8, 2011

AxeOfChaos has arrived!!

Hello everypony!!

I am finally here, with more internets!! So as previously mentioned I will write a little sum-up of me as a brony:

Hi, this is AxeOfChaos, my name is Nic (all else is confidential) or my X-Box Live name, Weeniebean777.

I became a brony after Darcy here introduced me to the series in August this year. Ever since I have been dedicated to the herd. My favourite pony would have to be Rainbow Dash ( So Awesome!! /)^3^(\ ) and her voice actor, Ashleigh Ball, is AMAZING, which is why, when I get the $$$ I'm going to Canada, to go to a Hey Ocean! concert.

As Darcy mentioned, I don't mind shipping, and some of my favourite fanfics would be "Soarin' Hearts" and the newly started "To Fix You". (Both about RD and both I will be doing reviews on shortly) And Darcy, Soarin' is best wonderbolt, no other answers are acceptable!!

So, I will be hoping to see all you Bronies on the blog soon, and remember, keep 20% cooler, in 10 seconds flat.

AxeOfChaos Out

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